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Inner Refresh is a holistic and wellness retreat located on the island of Ibiza, designed for women, offering deep healing and transformational retreats, along with fun, to help you re-energize and restore your whole being. It inspires yoga & psychology holidays to start or increase your yoga practice along with strengthening the knowledge of yourself.

All retreats include personalized body massage, personal wellness consultation, all meals and airport transfer.


Our ethos is that a stressful period can actually be used as a golden opportunity to restore and integrate your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. 

Inner Refresh offers a method that combines psychology, yoga and science allowing you to try and experience a new way of living. We provide a safe, nurturing, intimate and natural environment for renewing your inner strength and redesigning your life.

Our final aim is to create a momentum for healing, allowing you to refresh, energize and restore your mind, body and spirit!

Ibiza, Spain

Why come to Inner Refresh Retreats?

Whether you experience or have experienced a stressful period in your life, Inner Refresh retreats will give you an opportunity to restore your being! 

Women have come to us after a:

  • breakup

  • divorce

  • traumatic event 

  • emotional burnout

  • or simply in need to take a break from daily routine and recharge


Your environment is incredibly important when you need to re-charge and we believe our family home in the beautiful hills of Ibiza will be the perfect place to start your Inner Refresh experience.  In your free afternoon time you will be able to come with us on field trips, stay by the pool, have a massage or do whatever suits you most!


Through the integration of yoga, psychology, science, meditation, massage therapy and our local cuisine we aim to restore balance and harmonize energy. We bring together our experience in eastern and western therapy methods that range from hatha yoga, psychodynamic therapy, life coaching, pranayama and meditation, nutrition awareness, physiotherapy and massage therapy in order to provide you with a holistic program. 

"A good relationship will always create an US without destroying a ME". J.Shetty

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes". M.Proust


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I needed to get away from everything! And I did! Every detail of the retreat was geared towards my well being! Good food, excellent hospitality, professionalism and fun! Cecile, Paris

Selvaggia and Nicol with their welcoming and soothing attitude have helped me to regain balance after my bad divorce. A real re-energizing experience! Thank you! Liz, London

The most beautiful house on the island! A home away from home. Selvaggia and Nicol put passion in everything they do! I was burned out... they helped me to recenter myself. Chiara, Torino

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