What will I get out of it?

At Inner Refresh we believe that only you can heal yourself, nobody else can. Our team will help you to emotionally, physically and spiritually regulate, rewire and refresh. You will gain the knowledge and be actively responsible for putting it into practice. We will help you to relax, recenter and restore your being, detach from your daily routine, become aware of your inner voice. You will have a chance to detox your body, mind and spirit through healthy nutrition. All your senses will be pampered and restored. You will acquire a "tools kit" for a healthy and balanced way of living. You will be able to start or deepen your yoga practice. You will acquire a transformation through personal growth and healing.

What is the schedule?

You arrive by 15:00 on Thursday. You will have one to one consultations with Nicol and Selvaggia so that we can personalize to our best your stay. After you settle in your room, we will have a fun opening ceremony with all the participants. All meals are cooked by our onsite chef (you can find more detailed info in our Food section). Check out by 16:00 on Sunday. A week prior to the retreat you will receive an email with pre retreat preparation along with a detailed schedule. If you want to look at a typical day please refer here.

Is there support after the retreat?

Yes. After the retreat you will have access to a Whatsapp group for participants of your specific retreat. You will also be able to contact us directly if any issues should rise. A followup will be conducted 30 days after the retreat.

Is the retreat private?

All participants, including staff, that come to Inner Refresh are asked to sign a privacy agreement.

Does my age matter?

Individuals who come to Inner Refresh retreats have different situations, backgrounds, cultures and ages. They all however have one thing in common: they want change and renew themselves. They feel ready to reconnect with themselves and start the next chapter of their lives. What matters is not your age but your willingness to change. At Inner Refresh we can provide the tools and guide you through your ‘refresh', but we can’t infuse motivation.

Does my sexual or religious orientation matter?

We welcome people of any sexual orientation. Yoga is a philosophy not a religion, therefore it can be practiced by anyone.

Are there private sessions?

Yes in case specific difficulties should rise.

Can I use my phone during the retreat?

At Inner Refresh we prefer for you not to be distracted by your digital devices so that you can be 100% present. However in the event you need to use your phone for emergency purposes you are able to do so in private, as long as you do not disturb the rest of the group.

How do I get there?

You will need to arrive by plane to Ibiza airport or by ferry to Ibiza harbor. In either cases you will be picked up by our staff and accompanied to the retreat site. All transfers from and to the airport /harbor are included in your retreat price. What's not included in your retreat price are flight /ferry tickets to and from the island of Ibiza. More Information on how to get to Inner Refresh can be found in the location section.

"One moment of absolute gratitude can transform your whole life." Sadhguru