We believe that the location and accommodation are an important part of your Inner Refresh experience. Our house, a XIX century renovated finca, is immersed in a 20 acre mediterranean wood and is surrounded by a vibrant garden with an astonishing view of the old town of Ibiza. For its layout, the house, gives you the opportunity, in and around, to retreat for peace, find time to relax and have some private time as well as sunbathe around the pool or walk in the woods.


  • 5  rooms, king size bed, private bathrooms

  • 2 rooms, king size bed with 1 shared bathroom

  • 1 room with 2 single beds, private/shared bathroom

  • 3 indoor living rooms

  • library

  • indoor dining room

  • breakfast room

  • shala

  • swimming pool

  • 5 outdoor terraces

  • shaded outdoor dining area

  • massage room

  • therapy room


Each colorful room is conceived to become your private sanctuary.  Every room is spacious and has:  

  • air conditioning

  • kettle with coffee and tea

  • wi-fi

Swimming pool
Swimming pool

White room
White room


Swimming pool
Swimming pool


"Nowhere can man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat than in his own soul". Marcus Aurelius



Morning yoga classes, that include Pranayama,

Asanas and Meditation, are held in the Inner Refresh Shala. 

Weather permitting, classes can also take place in one of the outdoor terraces.


Personal development workshops and seminars on conscious living take place either in the main indoor living room or in a quiet outdoor lounge.

Body treatments (ex. massages) take place in the the privacy of your room.


We take our water from a vein that comes directly from the Pyrenees.  This is very rare on an island.  This is why, although the vein is on our property, we dispense water to the neighboring houses. 

We are very conscious of this blessing and we do everything in order not to waste this precious natural resource.


Conscious action does not produce karma, reaction does. Sadhguru