Designed for individuals who need to regain balance in their lives. You will have the opportunity to rebalance, detox and recenter yourself. Yoga in the mornings, meditation, massages, healthy food and personal development workshops will help you to acquire a change in perspective and direction. You will attain a deeper understanding of yourself and a new level of human awareness that will help you harmonize your relationships (with self. others, world). You will leave the retreat feeling restored and ready to go back to your daily routine.



  • Full board accommodation

  • Detoxifying and nutritious daily breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Full body massage

  • 2 hours daily yoga

  • Airport transfer

  • 1:1 wellness consultation

  • Personal development workshops

  • Sunset meditation

  • Afternoon tailored naturalistic field trips

  • Seminars on conscious living


  • 8:00 morning pre-yoga herbal tea

  • 8.30 meditation & yoga

  • 10:30 breakfast

  • 11:00 personal development workshops 

  • 13:30 healthy lunch

  • 16:00 naturalistic field trips

  • 19:00 holistic therapies/ seminars

  • 20:30 dinner

  • 22:00 rest and digest


This retreat is ideal for individuals who need to take a break from their daily responsibilities, in order to recharge and gain a deeper knowledge of themselves.


You will be able to relax in a friendly environment, practice yoga, eat healthy and detoxing food, stimulate your senses, calm your mind, and nourish your soul.


The aim of this retreat is to allow you to unwind your body, acquire a change in perspective, gain clarity on your life purpose identifying any limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from living your life with better health, joy and passion. 

We use techniques to release tensions and let go of anything that prevents us from moving forward. Let go of our protection mechanisms that no longer serve us, embrace our human vulnerabilities and support ourselves in a climate of acceptance. We will facilitate the opening of your senses, listen to your inner intuition and reach a deeper level of self awareness and confidence. You will leave the retreat with new tools and perspectives that will allow you to access new possibilities in your life.


Yoga will be 2 hours long in the morning and will be following a different theme each day which will link with the personal development workshops. The yoga will be traditional Hatha Yoga and Pranayama.


The workshops will be held everyday and their aim will be to enhance your self development and self awareness. You will be able to explore issues and generate inquiry. You will have the opportunity to become aware and let go of those limiting beliefs and behaviors  that are holding you back. You will have a chance to get in touch or revisit your core beliefs. You will gain a deeper knowledge of yourself that will help you to have better relationships with yourself, others and the world around you. Our aim is to accompany you through a transformation that will allow you to live your life through your authentic self filled with joy and gratitude.


All the food is bio and comes from km 0. Most of the vegetables and fruits are grown in our garden. We firmly believe in the healing power of a healthy nutrition. This is why we practice nutrition awareness as an integral part of our retreat. You will be able to learn the healing properties of certain aliments and what foods are best for you. We have vegetarian, vegan and gluten free menus.



May 20-23

June 3-6, 24-27

July 1-4

€650 - €850

The prices depend on the type of accommodation you choose.

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