September 16 - 19

September 23 - 26




We had to adjust some practical aspects of our retreat due to Covid-19. We will not have any double occupancies in the rooms unless you are sharing with someone from your inner circle (family/friends). We will sanitize the common areas each day of your stay. We will have most of our group activities outdoors so that we will be able to keep a safe physical distance. Our staff is trained and aware of the sanitary precautions that need to take place. We want you to feel and be safe while still enjoying your Inner Refresh experience! Yes these are hard times, but together we will recenter, refresh and restore our beings.


Retreats start on Thursday at 15:00. Upon arrival, after a welcoming drink and canapè, you will have a chance to meet the other retreat participants through a fun opening ceremony.  You will also receive a One to One consultation with Selvaggia and Nicol, where you will be able to unwind, express wishes and needs, and ease into the experience of the retreat. 


Retreats end either on Sunday at 15:00 or the following Thursday at 12:00.


The yoga we offer is for all levels and is based in Hatha yoga, using pranayama and asanas. Group Yoga sessions are held in the Inner Refresh Shala every morning with guided meditations woven in. You will be able in your free time to practice private lessons with Nicol. An evening yoga session is also included.

The therapy we offer takes its roots from psychodynamic psychotherapy and life coaching. Every morning you will be able to attend group workshops, where you will learn strategies to enhance your psychological wellbeing and attain a deeper understanding of yourself. Upon request we offer private sessions with Selvaggia that will help you to unlock your potential and use your resources at your best. 


Afternoons  This is considered your free time where you can come with us on our 'conscious field trips' around the island (beach and unexplored places), relax by the pool, go for a walk in the woods, use the library,  have relaxing massages, or indulge in some holistic additional therapies for mind, body and spirit. 

Evenings include a holistic wellness workshop before we have a delicious healthy meal cooked by Francesca under the stars or by the pool.

We only take 8 participants per retreat so that we can make sure that your experience can be as personal and private as possible without loosing the shared aspect of being together with other people who are going through the same process of self-discovery.

Meals include pre-yoga tea, herbals and juices, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You will have access to our breakfast room throughout the day where you will always have fresh fruit, crudités, dips and beverages. All our food is prepared on site and is locally and organically produced. We include a dinner in the old town and a lunch at the beach.

Transfers from and to the airport are included on the Thursday of arrival from 8:00 to 15:00 and on the  Sunday or Thursday of departure. 

Throughout your stay we offer other add ons from nutrition talks, sunset meditations, relaxation techniques, life coaching tips and ....some Inner Refresh surprises!



"Even though nothing changes, if I change, everything changes." M. Proust



We combine eastern and western healing therapies to help you reconnect with your true self and refresh your whole being. We have a holistic approach that takes into consideration your energy centers, psychological mechanisms, your spirituality and lifestyle.  Our aim is to provide an experience that helps you to step out of the complexity of your life, listen deeply to your body, mind, heart and soul. Hatha Yoga combined with personal development workshops and special attention to a bio and detox nutrition is our recipe to start living your life consciously. We believe that to exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating yourself endlessly. 


Inner Refresh is a place where guests can freely gravitate when not engaged in activities.  In your free time you can relax with a book from our library, watch a video, listen to music, have a massage, sit in the colorfully cushioned living area by the fireplace, take a walk in the woods, relax by the pool or simply rest in the privacy of your room. 

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Accommodation in a private XIX century renovated finca situated in a 20 acres estate in Ibiza, Spain


Nutritious meals cooked daily by our on site chef, using organic and local ingredients

A dinner in the old town of Ibiza

A lunch on the beach

A psychologist and life coach with a Post - MA in psychodynamic psychotherapy will facilitate personal development workshops to help you reconnect with your true being, have a better understanding of yourself, unwind and recharge!

An expert  yoga teacher will help you with energy movement and connecting to your feminine and masculine energy

Various exercises that will give you the tools to regulate your emotions and find your inner voice


Meditation and yoga classes

Energizing and relaxing massage

Afternoon tailored field trips around the island of Ibiza 


Post - retreat community support which includes a private chat group 

Transfers from/to the airport

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Despite how open, peaceful and loving you attempt to be, people can only meet you as deeply as they've met themselves. J. Shetty