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Designed for individuals who want to practice a brief but intensive dive into the yoga system. Yoga classes in the mornings, various meditations during the day in our field trips around the island; massage and healthy food to promote an overall increase of well-being and vital energy. This yoga retreat allows you to reconnect with nature and to have some time for yourself. You will leave the retreat with increased flexibility and a stronger body, a focused mind and a more peaceful soul.


  • Full board accommodation

  • Detoxifying and nutritious daily breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Full body massage

  • 2 hours daily yoga

  • Airport transfer

  • 1:1 yoga initial consultation

  • Sunset meditation

  • Afternoon tailored naturalistic field trips

  • Seminars and videos on conscious living


  • 08:00 morning pre-yoga herbal tea

  • 09:00 yoga & meditation

  • 11:00 breakfast

  • 12:30 free time

  • 14:00 healthy lunch

  • 16:00 naturalistic field trips

  • 19:00 free time/ add ons

  • 21:00 dinner

  • 22:00 evening chats with herbal teas


This retreat is ideal for individuals who need to take a break from their daily routines, in order to gain a deeper understanding and practice of the yogic system. You will be able to relax in a friendly environment, practice classic Hatha Yoga with hints of our bio mechanic system in order to realign your skeleton, tendon and muscular system.

The aim of this retreat is to deepen your knowledge of how your body is functioning now and how it can improve through practice. The meditations will help you to increase your capacity of concentration and give you techniques to silence the monkey mind. Healthy and locally grown food will help you detox and purify your body and mind. The wonderful energy of the island will enhance getting in touch with nature and yourself.



Yoga is a philosophy, a science and a practice, whose first archeological traces date back to 3500 B.C. Yoga was discovered in the Hinu valley. At Inner Refresh we practice and teach classic Hatha Yoga whose aim is to balance, synchronize and harmonize two polarities - masculine and feminine - that are present in each one of us (regardless of gender or sexual orientation), in order to transcend them.Modern western science proved that the two hemispheres in our brain operate in two totally different ways. The left hemisphere is the rational, organizer, planner etc. The right hemisphere is the creative, intuitive, emotional etc..To obtain this hemispherical synchronicity, Hatha Yoga, uses innumerable techniques of Asanas (body poses), Pranayama (the restoring and balancing of Prana -vital energy), breathing techniques, meditation, to start focusing the scattered mind.Starting to work on the body gives us a privileged entry in to the realm of energy. Through the body we can work on the mind and spirit. Calming the mind make us conscious of ourselves, our thoughts, our words, our feelings and our actions. This consciousness makes us discover who we really are, free of conditionings, and understand what we want, what we want to do and our ‘mission’ here in this body.The inner journey it’s the most adventurous journey, at times is very hard but the transformation that takes place is immense, making life worth living.


All food is bio and comes from km 0. Most of the vegetables and fruits are grown in our garden. We firmly believe in the healing power of a healthy nutrition. This is why we practice nutrition awareness as an integral part of our retreat. You will be able to learn the healing properties of certain aliments and what foods are best for you. Our menu includes daily fish catch, bio chicken and eggs and locally bio dairy products. We also have vegetarian, vegan and gluten free menus.