Selvaggia Wild

Selvaggia is the co-founder of Inner Refresh. She came up with the idea of Inner Refresh after a rough period in her life. She holds a Post-Master degree in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and is a chartered clinical psychologist and life coach. She is a chartered member of the British Psychological Society n. 089308 and Ordine Psicologi Lazio n.13467. She has trained and worked extensively with children and young adults (18-25), even though now she practices with adults only . She has worked in New York and London, as a psychologist, in various hospitals with terminally ill, disabled and psychiatric patients. She has come to realize that it's through the therapeutic relationship that change occurs. It doesn't matter how much knowledge you have or how many books you have read, what matters is the person you are. This is why she works constantly on herself to become a better human being and live her life in a conscious way.  She is an expert in relationship dynamics and works in her private practice in Milan and Rome.


Nicol Longoni Del Ponte

Nicol is the co-founder of Inner Refresh. She came up with the idea of Inner Refresh retreats after a bad breakup. She has been practicing yoga since she was 8 years old thanks to her elementary teacher who was also a yoga teacher, that offered her students a weekly yoga class. She kept on practicing  and then she studied:

in 1995 at the Government Yoga & Naturopathic Hospital, Varkala, India; since 2005 Grazia Cecchinato, Milano, Italy; 

since 2015 at S'Om with Nale Parada Mas and Angelo Cecchi, Mallorca, Spain; 2020 at Padmakarma with Padma Nair and Jinu J. N., Kovalam, India. 

She teaches classic Raja Yoga, mainly Sivananda and Satyananda heritage with Iyengar alignments. She gives private classes between the island of Mallorca and Milan, where she lives. She is a certified teacher of Yoga Alliance Professionals ID #19311.


Matilde Vendittelli Stella 

Matilde is an Italian who was born in London and raised between there and Ibiza, therefore having a deep connection and knowledge of the island. She has lived and practiced the sacred practice of yoga in India over the course of 3 years and did her first YTT in Iyengar Ashtanga in 2017, then a private course in 2019 and Multi-Style in 2020. She has been a passionate yoga practitioner from a young age and loves this sharing of being with the world by teaching mostly modified Ashtanga, Vinyasa & Yin. The tools she has gained from study and practice have helped her through major setbacks which life has thrown her. After nearly becoming paralyzed aged 21 she started reading Iyengar's "Light on Yoga" and knew that she needed to shift from 'doing yoga' to practicing a new way of being; physically, mentally and spiritually. She is also a sustainable designer and has worked as a sous chef in the past, so is very passionate about the environment and the food we nourish our bodies with.


Oliver Fernandez

Oliver is a massage therapist and physiotherapist.  He has more than 30 years experience in his field. He studied in the Ellta Ferrer Institute in Zaragoza and attained his medical degree in the University of Barcelona. He worked for many years as a physiotherapist for a well-known soccer team in Spain. He is involved in a project for women who can't get pregnant. Through his sessions he helps the reactivation of the whole feminine reproductive system. He now works in a rehabilitation center in Ibiza and in his private practice.


Francesca Bellini

Francesca is a chef and nutrition expert.  She lovingly prepares dishes using products from her vegetable garden in Ibiza.  She meticulously chooses the healthier and tastier options for all your meals.  In her free time she holds cooking classes to help people become nutritionally aware.


 Maria Càceres 

Maria has been in charge of our housekeeping for more than ten years.  She is a trusted member of our Inner Refresh team.  Hardworking and discreet she came to Ibiza from Ecuador 15 years ago in order to support her family, who now finally resides with her.